Sunday, December 06, 2009

Quaint Christmas Charm

Last week I went to Bethlehem, PA to attend the Christkindlmarkt Bethlehem. Bethlehem itself is a cool little town. So quaint. It's also a photographer's delight. There are a lot of remnants of the old booming steel towns of the past.

The old homes and buildings are lovely and have so much character. The roads are a bit hilly and there's a little bit of winding around just to add more to the town's charm.

The one place that you have to visit is The Moravian Book Shop. It is an almost endless shop of inspiration.

I've mentionned my admiration for glass ornaments.  Well, the store offers a lot of gorgeous ornaments. Oh so tempting. I did get a couple of little ones. The large ones were somewhat pricey. At $80 -$175, I couldn't afford to have one of my little guys knock them over.

Flocked trees. Feather trees. They had practically any tree that you could imagine.

Curly toed stockings! Bright colors! Love it!

I love these white dishes with the little bumps around the outside edge.

I so want a terrarium. Aren't they adorable? They were shaped like ornaments.

Speaking of round. Look at this lovely topiary. I think that I'd love one of these outside my door!

Oh yes, back to the market. Lovely vendors. I think that I should keep an eye out for a nutcracker. I love the rodent one at the bottom.

Do you remember when I fell in love with these last year when I was in Philadelphia? I didn't see any of the cute ones that I saw at the booth in Philadelphia but these were so gorgeous.

After the show, I took some more photos of the buildings. I posted a few in my journal. Check them out here.

I love the holidays! Enjoy yours. xo, L