Friday, December 18, 2009

I Believe In Santa Claus!

Remember that Designer Blog Hop that we had a little while back? It was fun and I so loved your company. I have a little non-quilty story and I'm only sharing it because I am overjoyed beyond belief.

On the last day of the blog hop on my featured day, while I was enjoying all of your attention, I received a phone call from my doctor. It was one of those calls that a mother dreads and I must admit, it had me slightly paralyzed in thinking, in working and in enjoying the holidays since then. My baby had a test that came back with potentially devastating results and I had to wait three weeks to do another test to confirm or reject the results. I only wanted Santa to bring me good news. I tried not to be crazy and I succeeded for the most part but it took a long time to get to yesterday. I am thankful that I got my Christmas wish. 

I believe in Santa Claus. [Good thing too because now I can focus on creating the craft idea for the little guy's holiday party.]

xo, L