Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I Crown Thee Oh Christmas Tree!

The star on my Christmas tree just wouldn't stay up. It just toppled over. I could have sworn that it was fine last year. Oh dear! The lack of a tree topper just left the top of the tree bare. Yuck! So, I visited Michael's today and bought a bouquet of these. Oooooh, I love the red/silver combination but I love that light gold in the bottom center of the photograph.

I started with this wreath and inserted the picks all around the circle. I'm starting to like it a lot.

I continued around and around until I ended up with a beautiful red and silver crown.

It just fills up the top of the tree oh so nicely.

Meanwhile, you can see the priorities of my guys.  Santa's letter is much better than Chinese homework, right? See that blank homework page? Now compare that to the long letter that he is composing to Santa. So funny to watch them write the letter though.

We also have a winner in the Cross-Country Designer Hop Flickr Group Contest. Gudrun randomly chose the winner: bro3ther! Congratulations!

xo, L