Friday, April 30, 2010

Do I Need More Furniture?

Oh dear me!! I found this in someone's trash on the way to driving the kiddos to school this morning. I really don't have much more room in my place. How could I resist this one? There was a table on the person's lawn too so I promptly called my friend Roopa to convince her that the table would make a nice addition to her home. Together we carried the table to her place. Our husbands are shaking their heads. At least I'm sure hers is. Mine is on his way home from a business trip. I haven't told him about this one yet.

I had some of this upholstery weight fabric and I thought that I could do something funky with this one. I'm not quite sure what color I want to paint the legs. There's white [not crazy about it but if it works I'll consider it], black [same feeling as white], gray-green range, dark gray, dark blue, ... Got any suggestions? 

What do you call this piece of furniture? It's not a chair, stool or ottoman. Hmm. Let me know, will you? Thanks.
Have a great weekend!
xo, L