Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lazy Weekend

I'm not really having a lazy weekend. Don't let that title deceived you. It's more like a lazy morning and the rest will be busy but at a slower pace. I have lots of work to do! CraftEdu will be launching it's beta version April 30. Yikes! Are we seriously almost there already? I just signed off on a freebie quilt design for my new fabric line, Hugs and Kisses and am working on the next quilt for the next line, Bella Flora.

It is just nice to run into friends and have a little conversation while you're enjoying the morning sunshine. So relaxing.

Notice anything different? Little A just got glasses. I think that it was just his fate and our genes. Tell him it looks good, will you please?  This little guy wanted a cool looking pair or else he wasn't going to wear them. [Apparently, another classmate came to school wearing glasses the day he had his appointment and some boys had made fun of her. So, Little A was not sold on wearing them.]

I look around for inspiration even while fishing. Look at this beautiful web. I think that you could incorporate these lines in your next quilt while you are quilting.

Enjoy your weekend. xo, L