Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Days

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter. We went up to Toronto to visit with family and friends over Spring Break. It was a much needed break as things have been super crazy around here. My friend and co-homeroom mom, Joanne, found this project on-line and I made up this sample of an adorable bunny for Little A's Spring Party craft project. So cute.

First, tomorrow is my birthday! Whee! I'm not fussy about my birthday but I won't complain when I get a cool box from the UPS guy. Look what I received from the folks at Aurifil. Now, they didn't send this specifically for my birthday but what timing!

I received this awesome case filled with thread! Alex, from Aurifil, allowed me to choose 40 spools of thread from their color card and the remaining 8 were threads of their choosing. The color card is fabulous. Nothing beats the Aurifil array of colors. Luscious and decadent color.

I love the case that came with the threads. I wanted to be like my little one and take the case to sleep with me!! [My little one has slept in his sled in my living room and in his snow suit in bed.]

Yummy and sexy! The greens may look the same but let me assure you that the changes are subtle and delicious! Am I tempting you yet? You need to run out and buy some of this thread for yourself. Why?
I must admit that I had a large thread collection before trying Aurifil threads. One day I bought some at the Lancaster quilt show and I fell in love. No more scant seams because the thread is fine [but strong!]. I tried to find some thread to match my "Inspiration" fabric line and couldn't find any colors from other brands at my local quilt shop. That's when I bought the Aurifil threads at Lancaster. 

Okay, so I am going on and on about this thread. Let the photos do the talking! Thank you, Alex and Aurifil!!  After I catch my breath, I'll have to show you some photographs of some fun places that I've been to lately.  xo, L