Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Sneaky!

It has been one snow day after another. I think that we are going to have another one tomorrow! I finally broke down and bought a pair of boots yesterday! I think that I've been in denial all of these years of living in NJ. It couldn't have been as bad as when I lived in the Ottawa Valley, right? This year we've had a lot of snow in NJ and I think that it was destiny that I walked into the store yesterday to a 50% off sale and found a pair of good looking yet functional boots in my size. 

In the meantime, I've been working on so many different things that my brain is on overload.  Lots of stuff that I can't show completely just yet. Lots of proposal writing and magazine stuff to work on. Plus, I've been working on my project for the Aurifil Designer of the Month event going on over at the Aurifil blog. Did I tell you? I'm Miss February, you know. Come and visit me, won't you?

I also have that little project there below to show you in April when the episode of Quilt Out Loud makes its debut. Remember when my buddy Mark Lipinski and Jodie Davis came to visit me the week of Christmas? We taped two segments and it was fun!!!

I'm finally finishing up this little project for myself. Four years ago a lot of tragedy struck our family. One day, Liesl of Oliver and S, was offering up these lovely scraps. She had made a little hexagon quilt and I wanted to make one too. She sent the scraps to me and I made a little, doll-sized quilt top. I kept it on my desk for a long time but then I thought that it would be beautiful appliqued to a background and then framed for hanging. It's so pretty, soft and soothing.

Coincidentally, this past month's block for the Saturday Sampler program at my local shop, Kindred Quilts, coordinated with everything that I've been working on. I love the colors in this block. If you are lucky enough to have a shop nearby that's offering a Saturday Sampler program, take advantage of it. You'll learn something, make something beautiful and be guaranteed to keep a bit of creativity going each month.

xo, L