Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yo-Yo Challenge. Wanna Join Us?

Blame it on a bunch of crafters being bored and uninspired because of the snow. Here's an idea that came about when I posted this photo onto Pinterest and then Facebook. We now have an "official" challenge. Make something using yo-yos. It doesn't have to be as crazy fun as this. It can be a re-purposed skirt, a greeting card, a purse decorated with a few yo-yos. Whatever suits your fancy. We are just trying to give ourselves a creative challenge. Minimum of 3 yo-yos in the project. Are you up for the challenge? I have a business deadline but I will post the details in the next little while.

Deadline for the challenge is March 5. That is you will have post your photograph on a site that I will set up soon. I'll have a little drawing for some goodies too. This will be our own little talent show! Go crazy, go wild! Show us your stuff!!

Comment here, on FB, send me an e-mail or post on Pinterest. Let me know you're interested.

xo, L