Friday, April 01, 2011

Flat Stanley Needs Your Help

Dear Quilters,

Flat Stanley came to visit my class and now he needs to visit America. Why does he need your help? Well, I need to send Flat Stanley all around America and we don't have family to send him to because they're all in Canada. Friends are all around the world and the only one with friends in America are my mom's wonderful quilt friends.

My class is trying to see how many states I can travel to by May 1st. If you have a child or a grandchild who might be interested, please let my mom know. If you don't have kids and want Flat Stanley to visit your quilt shop or studio that's ok too. You can e-mail my mom here. All you have to do is to promise to send the envelope to the next person on the list. You can take pics and e-mail them to me or put them on my mom's Facebook wall and mention where Flat Stanley visited. Let me know asap. I have to get my mom to put everything together this weekend. 

Thanks! Quilters are cool.

xo, Alex