Monday, April 25, 2011

Traveling and Such

Dear Readers,

We've been traveling. My brother and I are such great travelers so my parents take us on big road trips. We went away and had fun but today it was back to school. Remember, we had all of those snow days to make up.

Speaking of remembering, do you remember this fella? 

Well, Flat Stanley has been around the world. He's been to New Zealand, Malta, Canada and the United States. In North America, we got photos from Toronto, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Utah, Florida, New York and many other places. My mom will post photos on one of her accounts for all to see. Thank you everyone!! My  classmates and I are grateful!

I was so excited with your help with this project. I begged my mother to do something special so I have an announcement. I would like you to come back later this week and download this free pattern as a token of my gratitude for your generosity in hosting Flat Stanley. This pillow was demonstrated on Quilt Out Loud with Jodie Davis. The episodes are live right now! Here's a pic of Mark Lipinski and his crew setting up before the shoot when they were here back in December.

Here's mom with Jodie Davis. We're prepping the segment on the pillow.

Click over and join QNNtv so that you can watch this fun show and come back later this week to grab the pattern.

Thank you. 
xo, Alex