Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh, Boy! Owlish Delight For You!

Boys. You just have to love them. My guys are fun and spunky. How about yours? What's more fun? Hanging out with more boys like cousins ...

and friends. Oh, they're cute, aren't they?

How about literary buddies who get to travel to great places like New York, Toronto, Malta, New Zealand, Utah, Michigan, Vermont, and it goes on.

This little boy is very grateful for your help. It touched his heart. He was deeply affected by your generosity. "Boy, you do have some friggin' awesome friends, Mom." That "f" word slipped and he did say it to me. I put it in to show you how impressed he was. Then his mouth was promptly washed with soap and he was banned from hanging out with the one who taught him the word at school for a while. I still love my little foul-mouthed guy so don't call the authorities, ok?

He asked me to make something for you. Well, there were many of you who responded to our plea. How about a pattern instead? I did a demo on Quilt Out Loud this month. This was the design that was to be sold but I decided to give it to you, my rockin' awesome readers. [Note the absence of the "f" word.] Please enjoy and we would love to see your photos!! You can find the pattern here.

Thank you to Jodie Davis, Mark Lipinski and their awesome crew. It was so much fun to have you guys here. Check it out!

Most of all, THANK YOU!

xo, L and Alex