Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today Is An Awesome Day!

Thanks so much again for visiting our blog hop. It was so much fun, wasn't it? This weekend I really missed it a lot. Did you miss me? I missed you a lot too! I enjoyed reading all of your posts and was tickled that so many of you would share your memories with us. I hope that you will come back often. 

I had so much to do and so much running around  today so it wasn't so bad. I started to think about making a few things in the next little while. It's always a fun and dangerous thing when my mind starts designing. I'll let you know what I come up with, ok?

I've been hearing from a few of you about seeing my profile in American Patchwork and Quilting. I can't wait to see it. I've seen the proofs but it's always fun to see the real thing. Let me know what you think! See those birdies up there? I designed those for APQ last year. I love them and they're so easy to make.

Now, for the real reason that you are here. We have some winners!

Now, for the big blog hop contest. I know that's what you are hear for! The winners are:

1st grand prize goes to:  Thea M www.theamccurry.com
2nd grand prize goes to: Arlette from Costa Rica http://arlette0521.blogspot.com
3rd grand prize goes to: What Comes Next http://round22.blogspot.com

Much congratulations to the winners. Please verifiy and e-mail Gudrun at gudrun@gequiltdesigns with your shipping info and she'll take care of shipping the awesome prizes.

Another Chance to Win!
That's right, we are giving you another chance to win some of the prizes in the photo above. If you post your finished project on the Flickr site by Tuesday, December 1st, you will be entered into a drawing. One lucky person will receive some goodies. Instructions on how to upload the photos are on the Flickr page. Good luck! Let's get the machines whirring!

Oh, I didn't forget about my little contest. I've been waiting for the goods so that I can take a photo of them for you. I will try to post the winners by tomorrow.

In case you were wondering. I haven't lost my mind. Blogger is acting up today.
xo, L