Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Talk, Winners And Gratitude

I'm in a silly mood. It has been crazy and non-stop today. I don't know why especially since we're not doing anything special for Thanksgiving. My sister, her family and my Mom, can't make it here from Toronto until next week. It's probably because I spent last night cutting up turkey kits for 20 out of construction paper for Little A's class party. I do not want to see a turkey in any way, shape or form until next Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble, gobble. The little one's class party was a hit and so were our turkeys. 

Check out the turkey that Big A made last year [above]. So cute! See the fabric? Great stash buster and the kids love to have the bird hanging around all year round.

Today [and everyday!] I'm thinking about gratitude. This year my family and I were able to express our gratitude in a different way thanks to the awesome Ree of The Pioneer Woman. You should run out and buy her new cookbook. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see her at one of her book signings.

I won Photoshop CS4 from Ree a while back. There was a mix-up and I ended up receiving two copies. I wrote to her to tell her about the extra copy and she generously told me to keep it and donate it to someone who needed it. How AWESOME is that? Thank you, Ree, for your amazing generosity in all that you share with your readers.

Now, who would I donate it to? The question wasn't hard to answer. My sons are very lucky men. Their librarian, Mrs. Cathy Ahart, is a wonderful librarian but Adam has been blessed twice because he had her for his first grade teacher. She is a gem and the teacher you always want your child to have.  Here's a part of the speech that my son wrote [all by himself!] and presented to the Board of Education that sums up how my family feels about her:

     "Mrs. Ahart, thank you for being the teacher that you are."

Here we are at the Board of Education meeting.
From left, Mrs. Ahard, me, Adam and principal, Mr. Katz.

Thank you, Mrs. Ahart.

I'm thankful for you too, dear readers. I enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my designing life with you and are so happy that you are along for the ride. The other Cross-Country Designers and I thank you for sharing the stroll down memory lane with us last week.

On to some exciting business! I got a fabulous package from the good folks at Martingale & Co. today! Yippee! That means that I have winners to announce today. Here they are:

1. Stina 9:51 a.m. "Thanks for sharing ... In Sweden we don't have the tradition with stockings ... but I think it is a wonderful tradition ... got my first stocking last year ... and long to fill it up with something nice just for me."

2. Becky 4:10 p.m. "Thanks for introducing us to your family, books and creations! Love your book titles! Will look for them in my LQS. This blog hop has been fantastic. Again, Thank you!"

Congratulations! Thank you Martingale & Co., Henry Glass Fabrics, and American Patchwork & Quilting! p.s. See that book "Skinny Quilts & Table Runner II" above? I contributed a table runner in the book. Go and check it out! All of the other designers did a fabulous job!

I hear that my profile is out now. It's in the latest issue of American Patchwork & Quilting [Feb. 2010] issue. Let me know what you think!

Happy Thanksgiving! xo, L