Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Fine Day At The Fair

What did you do this past weekend? Besides drawing the winners for my giveaway, we had a relaxing weekend though we did get out to the Kutztown Folk Festival. The drive there was so beautiful. I love the blue skies and the beautiful, fluffy clouds.

There was lots to see and do for the kids. They did some crafts, got to pet some animals, ran through some mazes and bounced around in some inflatables. Big A even got to participate in a roof raising activity. There was a lot of food to eat and we had lots of fun!

I got to go to the Quilt Barn.  It was a huge place with lots of quilts for sale. Quilt heaven!

Of course, there were other crafts and lots of other things to see and do. Check out my Journal for some more fun photographs. xo, L