Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Who Needs Yoga When You have Quilting?

Who needs yoga or therapy when one lives just minutes away from inspiration? Right after the Quilt Out Loud taping, I drove to Kindred Quilts on my way home to chat with my friends. The ladies are wonderful and there's also wonderful stuff in this lovely shop. Check out these photos that I took on Saturday. I'll have some other photos on my inspiration journal too.

Linda Hanneman works at the shop but she also makes these beautiful handmade pieces like the one above. Look below and you'll see nooks and crannies artfully displayed with fabric and samples.

Look up at the ceiling and you will see their sampler blocks.

Wool work, felting and embroidery are other specialties of Toby's shop.

Love the birdies that they made from my pattern from Quilts and More magazine.

When I got home from the Quilt Out Loud taping, I discovered this adorable artwork just waiting for me. Little A drew, cut and climbed up a chair to stick this love note by the peephole for me.

Awww, this was a perfect ending to a perfect day. xo, L
p.s.s. Giveaway will close this weekend!