Thursday, July 23, 2009

Helter Skelter

My life is visually defined by my design wall right now. Unfinished. Busy. Happy. Bright. Crazy.

I haven't intentionally tried to ignore you! Life and deadlines took over. I'm going to be profiled in a magazine this year so I had to design a project to accompany it. I have a few other deadlines and hubby has been away. I can usually get a lot done when he's away but this week has been the exception. 

These two characters have kept me busy. We've been swimming, building Lego [I have discovered that I do not possess the ability to figure out the Lego manuals.] and generally running around. Funny, we travelled all summer last year and I didn't feel so crazy. This year, we've laid low and stayed home though we've travelled a bit. I feel as though I'm working an 80- hour week.

Batman has been defending my universe. He fights crime so don't mess with him! [Summer Recreation - Halloween in July]. Dr. A is no match for the little crime fighter.I've been playing around with my computer too. I usually design a birthday or a holiday card and I got carried away designing little storyboard collages.

I think that I'll be printing these and framing them or I'll stick them to my inspiration wall.

Summer recreation is ending tomorrow and we are expecting a visit from one of our favorite little guys, my nephew, Jack! It will be a fun week! I hope to have some finished things for you to see in the next week or so. Hang in there with me! xo, L