Saturday, July 25, 2009

Letters Of The Day

I was cleaning the boys' room this morning and realized that there's one thing that's pretty constant with a lot of my sewing and quilting projects. I love to add words or letters. They add a lot of spunk to a design, don't you think? I made these pillows for my boys from some of my Gardenia line and I used my own font. You can use any font from your computer, the internet or even your own drawing. I have a couple of other examples on my inspiration journal. Plus, if you look through my books, you'll see a lot of word action.

So, enjoy your weekend. We're off to a birthday party and then my cutie pie nephew, Jack [above, left], should be at my doorstep by dinnertime. Hopefully the next week will be filled with fun like it was last year when we played at the local park on the tire swing. xo, L