Thursday, February 03, 2011


The past week has been very much like the insane weather that we've been having. All of this has ccontributed to absolute mayhem in our household. First, we've had about 5 or  6 snow days in the past two weeks plus the Martin Luther King holiday. Talk about schedules turned topsy turvy. Then, deadlines happened so fast and furious. I think that I worked too hard and got sick. So, now I hope to be back on track.

Gung hey fat choi! Today is Chinese New Year!!! It's the year of the rabbit! I gave the kids their red envelopes this morning and this origami rabbit just before they went to school. We'll have a nice dinner tonight. If I get enough time, I will make them each a fortune cookie. What fortune would you like to receive? Enjoy the festivities and Gung Hey Fat Choi!

The first exciting thing that will I can talk about is my project for Aurifil's Designer of the Month. I am Miss February and I've got two little goodies for you to make. Little A is proudly holding one of the designs. Cute! I know that you'll love it. Here's a peek at the second project. Then when you make one and post it to their Flickr account, you will have the chance to win some thread!!

I have some projects in the current Christmas 365 that are fun. Check out the latest issue. It is on the newsstands now.  Better yet, get a subscription because I have a ton of projects coming up in the next issue too.

Thanks to everyone who has joined our little yo-yo challenge. I'm so excited to see your designs!  We have about 20 or so people committed to this fun challenge. I thought that it would be fun to show you a couple of the yo-yo projects that I have designed in the past.

Tot Stuff [Leisure Arts]

iQuilt [Leisure Arts]

I designed this for another Leisure Arts publication. My kids put the Pokemon stuffie there to show you how large those yo-yos are. I had fun designing this one.

So here's the basics of our yo-yo challenge.

Deadline is March 5.
I've started a Flickr group. Post a photo of your finished project on or after March 5. [I hope that I set this up right! Let me know if I didn't.]
You must use a minimum of 3 yo-yos in your design.
You can make or re-purpose anything you want [try to keep it clean - had to say it, sorry!]
When commenting, please be nice. We are here to have fun. It is not a design contest!!

Now, I just need to clean up this mess! See you soon!

xo, L