Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yo-Yo's Are Everywhere!

Hi, yo-yo challenge participants!! Have you been working on your projects? It seems that yo-yos are everywhere. I took my machine in to the quilt shop for servicing the other day and visited my favorite bead shop that is in the same plaza. Artful Beads is a funky bead shop that you should visit if you are in the Pennington area. There were yo-yos everywhere! Barbara, one of the owners, was sporting this beauty. Look at her necklace! 

They sell lovely clips! Their neclaces are divine!

Yesterday I went to Manhattan and it seems that yo-yos are popular in the Japanese crafting book department too!

Yes, we are way ahead of the curve. I can't wait to see your designs! Remember to join the Flickr page.

xo, L