Monday, May 11, 2009

Day Out In New York

I had a terrific Mother's Day. We went to NYC for the day and the weather was fantastic. I made a little stop along the way. I love Habu Textiles and I bought a few little things there. More on this later this week.
Here in the city everyday little things provide inspiration. One thing that I did notice was the color yellow. Of course, the taxi cabs are yellow but so are the sports cars and the dancers just across the street from The Plaza!

Banners, and window displays were yellow and there were many "bee" inspired images around. Do you think that there's a trend here?

I did love this blue dress though.

And this blue? Oh so calm but fresh. Notice the yellow again.

Nintendo is onto this "blue" trend too. My kids were mesmerized by this Lego version of the new Nintendo dsi in the window at Nintendo World.

Hello, Mr. Horse. I love the red flower on your head. There's another carriage painted with the same beautiful red color.

The red, cherry-flavored ice cream dip is yummy!!

I got to spend the day with my guys!

xo, L
p.s. Happy birthday to my big guy, Reno.