Monday, May 18, 2009

Quilt Market - Part One

To market, to market, ...
What fun! I drove there this past weekend and it didn't disappoint! First, the drive was beautiful. I'll be taking my family back there this summer because our friend, Emily, just moved there with her family this spring. [I loved visiting you guys! Thanks!] My boys love the tunnels in the mountains.

I've got lots of photos but I thought I'd show these little quilter's gadgets first because there are some of you who are anxious to take a peek.

ez Quilting is manufacturing the Bias Tape Machine and the Rotary Cutting Machine. Gadgets that will make your life easier. Check them out. You can make all the bias tape you want and the electric rotary cutting machine will make cutting so much easier for you. The bias tape maker even has a little hot plate built in so that it presses as you pull out the strips.

So cool. xo, L