Friday, May 01, 2009

This And That

Lots of little things going on. Many of us are preparing for Quilt Market in Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks. Work hard, no sleep. It's good to keep the creative juices going right?

I have been working on creative little things such as that knitting project above. It's a freebie pattern to make a little man out of Rowan's Purelife yarn. I love the feel of this yarn.

I've been plugging away at my dresdan plate quilt. It's taking a while because I'm doing hand applique around the outside edge. Pretty isn't it? I'm so happy with it. Anyone need a tutorial on how to do dresdan plates? Let me know.

Meanwhile, look at what I purchased yesterday! My friend, Roopa, and I headed out for a day of fun. We headed south towards New Hope. There was a rummage sale that I knew of. Do I need furniture? No! Do I love a good sale? Absolutely! I got this chair for $20! I love it and it's solid wood. Here's Roopa outside her garage after we unloaded the goods. [Be warned. If you're my friend, get used to modeling the goods for me. Hey, even if we've just met, get ready to have the camera pointed in your direction!]

Can you believe that her table only cost $4?  It came perfectly matched to the paint color in her front entrance. Coincidence? I think not!

I've always loved this house. It's located right across the street from the rummage sale. Most houses in NJ have siding and you don't get to see much else like stonework or stucco. I grew up in a house that had stucco on the outside. I love the look of it. 

On the way to lunch, we got a little lost. However, being lost can be a great thing. We were going down this curvy road when this appeared in front of us. How beautiful! Oh yeah, get used to me stopping the car suddenly to take photos, friends.

Have a great weekend.
xo, L