Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh Brother!

I am having one of those weeks where everything is going wrong at the worst of times. I have to laugh about it or else I will cry.

I haven't posted for a while because my computer crashed. It is my pc and for some reason, the poor thing started to make weird, LOUD noises. Suddenly, it wouldn't even turn on. Luckily, I have my Mac. The aggravating thing is that we only got this thing in September. Reno spent all weekend saving all of my photos and files. Phew! One crisis in recovery mode. Next one please.

Then my eye glasses broke. OMG Quilt Market is at the end of this week. I have old glasses but I feel much better in my current pair. Hopefully, I will get them back before I fly out to Houston on Friday. Ok, crisis number two down. 

I believe in positive thinking. So, I thought I'd share a couple of pretty things to smooth the soul. My aunt made that pretty little shawl above when I was a kid. I found it when we sold our childhood home last summer. Although the colors are too garish for me to wear, I love to look at it because the colors make me smile and then I am reminded of my childhood. Anyone else wear lime green and orange plaid pants like I did?

I thought I'd show you this pretty little dove that I made for a book proposal about two years ago. It ended up being revised and in Quilts and More. All of this reminds me that the holidays are quickly approaching. I have a free little stitchery pattern for you. Hopefully I will get it up before I go to Houston for the show.

p.s. Does anyone know how to make these photos larger on an iMac? For my pc, I just clicked on it and dragged the photo. I can't seem to do that here.
xo, L