Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Helper

I am trying to work this afternoon but my little helper wants to show off his work. He's learning how to spell and he loves to draw. He did a nice job on my car today. While I was talking to his friend's mom, Alex decided to write on my car radio and hazard light switch with a Sharpie marker. Lucky for him there is a product called Magic Eraser or else he'd be in the doghouse right about now.
Those are very colorful Storm Troopers from Star Wars by the way. He thought it would be cute to show off all of Mommy's little treasures like her Moo cards, fabric labels, fabric buttons, selvage strips and wool pear pincushion. I think that his color sense is very similar to mine because I think that the multi-colored Storm Troopers are much cuter than the actual ones in the movie. 
*Note: For those of you who were interested in my inspiration wall, you can now buy your own at Land of Nod. I think that I may have to re-cover with another design now that everyone's going to buy some of this wallpaper. Sigh!
xo, L