Monday, October 06, 2008

I am lucky.

I live in a transient sort of place in NJ. Clinton is a lovely, charming little place 50 mins. west of Manhattan. People come from many different places because many of the big pharma companies are based here and attract employees from all around the world. Also, since the cost of living is so high in New York, many of our friends and neighbors commute 2 hours each way to the city to work.

The result is an interesting mix of people. I am fortunate to meet people of different nationalities here and I am even luckier when they bring me goodies back from their homeland. My friend Roopa spends a few months in India and she knows that I love quilts. So when she offered to bring back some quilts from India, who was I to say no? I got this sweet quilt a few months ago upon her return. I love the colors and the images. [Unfortunately, the other quilt that she bought me perished to nowhere land because her suitcase fell apart somewhere between Newark and India.]

I am lucky indeed.