Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 3: Gifts

My favorite gifts are those that are handmade, of course. It touches my heart like an old Bing Crosby movie. I'm the one who will appreciate the gift that you hand over to me and say with pride that you made it yourself. After all, that's one of the reasons that we quilt, sew, knit, or crochet, right? Last year, my friend, Joanne, came up to me and presented me with a gift. What a gift it was! A handmade Santa ornament. I love it and I don't think that she knows how much I love it! Do you have a favorite gift that someone handmade for you?

I am sure that you'll find something to make from all of the designs that we will present here. Check out Terry's blog today! It's her day and I am sure that she'll have something fabulous for you! I also have a few free projects on my website that may interest you. They're quick and easy too. Check them out here.

I am on a super handmade craze this year. I haven't decided what to make everyone yet but I'm hopeful. I did buy these adorable tins at Michael's the other day, decoupaged the top and filled it with little inspirational crafting notions. What do you think? Cute! I have continued with designing little tags for my crafty gifts and I've included some of these in my little tin as well. I have them for you to download too! You can print them on cardstock or fabric sheets. There are two downloads. The first is a sheet of large tags and the second is a sheet of smaller tags.  Just sign your name and stitch them, tie them or fuse them down to your gift. I hope that you like them.

Download Large Tags
Download Small Tags

One of my favorite gifts of all, I must admit, was not handmade. It was a Leica Digilux I camera. I wanted a digital camera and I've always thought that the Leica cameras that photojournalists like Henri Cartier-Bresson  used were so awesome yet so unattainable for me because I couldn't justify spending that kind of money for a camera. The kids have to go to college/uni after all. Plus, my husband and I don't usually exchange large gifts with each other unless it is something that person especially wants. When Leica came out with their new digital camera and it was reasonably priced, I secretly wanted it. Somehow, Santa heard my wish and I must have been a good girl that year because there was one Leica camera under the tree for me.

I was wild for this camera beyond wanting it for the name brand. You see, my husband is a smart man. When my oldest was born, I took a photo of him every day during the first year of his life on FILM! Can you see what I am saying? $$$ Dollar signs flashed before my husband's eyes. Now, with my second son born just before I received this camera, I could take as many photos as I wanted without the processing fees!

Seriously, this camera, the first of many digital cameras for me, afforded me the ability to document my family history. Milestones and achievements are recorded. I love taking photos of people in their element. I carry around my cameras because I am inspired by everything around me and I snap an image of it right away. Take a look around you. It could be the inspiration for your next project. xo, L