Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 7: Decorations

I loved reading your comments yesterday. It was all fun and I feel for those of you who have to take photos of more than two [or 18!] children. As we continue our blog hop, don't forget to comment at least once on everyone's blog to be eligible for the grand prizes.

Every year we buy one ornament for the tree for the family and the kids get to pick another one for themselves. We try to buy one whenever we're travelling because it reminds us of that special place. The glass leaf, above, is from The New York Botanical Garden.

I also love this kind of glass ornament. My stash of ornaments is buried in storage right now but oh how I love the quirkiness of these designs. I can't wait to pull them out.

I've mentionned my love for handmade items. We encourage the kids to make an ornament every year. Remember the clams that we ate last week? Well, the shells have become this week's ornaments. Modge Podge and lots of glitter are drying as we speak.

I like to bring out some of my favorite samples from my books during the holidays. The pillow above is from my book, Sew Sentimental. It is primarily a scrapbooking book but there are a lot of neat ideas in it. Print a favorite photo and some text onto fabric sheets, sew together into a pillow and add some scrapbooking embellishments [label] to your project to make a spectacular and special homemade gift for someone. I can see this for baby's 1st Christmas or a fun pillow for grandma.

Of course, who can forget my holiday books, New Noel and my newest one, Jolly Stuff?  The pillows gracing my couch are from New Noel.

I have some more to show you but you'll just have to wait for my special day on Friday. What are your favorite decorations? Do you like to make them? Of course you do!

Today it is Kari's turn. I'm sure that she has some special cooked up for you! xo, L