Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 6: Traditions

Trains were a big part of my oldest son's early years. Seeing Thomas Tank Engine live was like seeing a rock star. So, as loving parents, we sought out everything trains. One of our traditions is to visit The New York Botanical Garden's Holiday Train Show.  It is a gorgeous train show and the designers use natural things like twigs and berries to build a model train city featuring all of the NYC landmarks.

I miss that I don't have the kids at home all day sometimes. I used to look up places between here and Pennsylvania to take the kids on day trips. One day we stumbled upon the Barron Arts Center in Woodbridge, NJ. Every holiday they have a beautiful train display too. We've visited every year since.

Another thing that I do is take the holiday photos. Of course, immediate success is not always tangible. The boys start acting silly, so silly that they fall over in laughter.

Boys, please smile for the camera and behave. "No, momma, we're not being bad, you are bad for making us sit here in these silly hats."

There are the times that I show the shot as it played out. There's nothing like the honest truth is there?

My sister and her family visit us every American Thanksgiving weekend and I get to take my nephew's holiday card photo.  Isn't he adorable?

Then there are the friends who are so willing to step in front of my camera. It is such a weird feeling to have someone willing to stand there and pose for me.

This year I think that I am going to send out collages. Much easier. Oh, I am a glutton for punishment and I am sure that I will still pursue that perfect shot with both of them in the photo.

You can make these up in Photoshop. Lickety split. "Hello, I'm Linda, and I am addicted to making storyboards in Photoshop." Do any of you use Photoshop?

I've taken care of the card and gift at the same time. Isn't that brilliant of me? My parents encouraged us to make handmade gifts and cards when we were kids. I'll have to share them with you on craft day. This post was too much fun and therefore too long. What are your traditions? Do your kids sit still when you're trying to photograph them? I'm just checking in to make sure that my kids are "normal" because they don't like Santa and they don't cooperate with the photos.

It is Pam Kitty's special day. She has a wonderful project for you! Enjoy!
xo, L