Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 8: First Christmas On My Own

Can you believe it? We are well over half way through this blog hop. I hope that you are enjoying it! Thank you for sharing it with me too!

Technically, I haven't had a Christmas on my own. I went from living with my parents to marrying Reno. We had been dating for years but he had moved to New Jersey and I was still in Toronto. So, we decided to get married in a week. Then I moved to NJ with a box of items and a couple of bags of clothes but no tree.

Since we didn't have a lot of money because he had just finished school, we had decided not to buy presents or a tree. Of course, I made a whirlwind decision on Christmas Eve that I had to have a tree and presents.  I am very "persistent" when I want something done. Crazy me went out to buy a tree around noon on Christmas Eve. I will never venture out anywhere on that day at that time ever again!

As I was driving to the store, there was an accident ahead. I literally turned off the car because the traffic had come to a grinding halt. A truck was sitting on top of a Honda Civic! It took a long time to get through that but I did get a tree! The things that we do to get things done!

I can't find a photo of the tree from that first year but the tree was about 4 feet high and it was a cute little thing. The kids had dressed it up until we bought a larger tree. The rest of the holiday that year was a blur because we were going through so much with the move and other things.

Today is Terri's special day. Go and check out her site. I know that she's got something wonderful waiting for you! I'm sure that the rest of the ladies have amazing stories to tell you too. Remember, all of their links are on the sidebar at the right. Enjoy! xo, L