Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 5: Santa, A Love/Hate Story

My children have a love/hate relationship with Santa. When they were young [and I mean clueless and young], they would let Santa hold them for 5 seconds. And, that lasted for about 5 seconds too. We only went back last year for a photograph. Other than that, I have one photo of Adam looking terrified as though Santa was trying to kidnap him. We just never bothered again until they were ready.

Instead, they write love letters and mail them off in Santa's Mailbox in town. The kids are so excited when Santa writes back. They love Santa and they just can't wait for his arrival. The boys are so cute in the last few months before Christmas. They're extra good because they don't want Santa to bring a lump of coal or to fly past our home on Christmas Eve. Will they visit him at the mall then? Oh no! Safety in distance and separation.

So, we continue to write to Santa instead of whispering our wish list into his ear. Things are looking up this year though. We'll see in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know. Meanwhile, I have a Dear Santa letter template for you!

Download Dear Santa Letter Template

So tell me, are mine the only ones afraid of jolly old Santa? Whenever we've tried and our kids have backed out, I've looked around only to see these other kids who are dressed up to the nines and oh so ready to sit on Santa's lap. My husband and I joke that our kids know that the old fellow isn't real and that our kids are just wise to it!

Today is my fellow Henry Glass designer, Heather Mulder Peterson's special day. Go over to her blog to check out her design. I'm sure that it will be oh so adorable. Her patterns are so fun and upbeat. xo, L