Friday, October 01, 2010

Fall-O-Ween Day 5: Clothing

Are you hopping along and enjoying all of the fall photographs, stories and designs? The ladies have been cooking up some awesome things! Today, it's Terry's turn. Go to her blog and check out what she has to say about clothing! Remember to comment on the blogs to qualify for that grand prize worth $500. Check out what the other ladies have to say about clothing!
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"I'd love to have that zine. I heard him talk about how he made sure the fabrics he featured were NOT already out in the market and gone before we could even read about them."
By Sequana on Fall-O-Ween Day 4: Textures on 9/30/10
I live among superheroes and villains in disguise. By day they're just lil' kids hanging around on their scooters and playing with their toys. Totally innocent. After school though, watch out. Crime and destruction ensue. Then the superhero must come to the rescue. 

Little A tried out life as Superman but didn't care for it much because he didn't have a cool car and he didn't think that superheroes should be driven around by their mommies. So, he lives life as Batman instead. Big A is a brainiac surgeon when he isn't busy playing Pokemon.

Dr. A and Batman were friends once upon a time. Unfortunately, Dr. A became evil because someone zapped his brain into thinking that he was someone else. 
His friend Batman didn't believe that Dr. A was a bad guy at heart. So, Batman fought the evil but not really evil Dr. A in an attempt to stop the bad electronic pulses that zapped through his friend's brain. Pow! Pow!
In the end, Batman won and he got his old friend back again. Another day of work was done. Ah, the life of a superhero is never dull.

Then they grew up and they both became quite famous brain surgeons. They used their skills for good instead of for evil. 

The end.

xo, L