Monday, October 04, 2010

Fall-O-Ween Day 8: Traditions

Thanks for all of the warm wishes yesterday. We're getting a lot better but what a weekend to get a cold! It was gorgeous outside and there was a quilt show going on around here.

Today, it's the lovely Carrie's turn. It will be fun to see what she's brewing up for you. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. It's the medicine, I swear. The other ladies are doing a great job too! Let's go hopping!

Also, remember to post your projects here. We'd love to see what you've done!!

Pumpkins are serious business for my kids and every year we go and pick out the best of the lot. We come home and paint or carve them so that we can display them for the neighborhood to see.

There's a corridor that goes south of here that takes you to a few cute quaint towns in New Jersey and into Pennsylvania. Right on the Delaware River, there's Lambertville, NJ and directly across the bridge is New Hope, Pennsylvania. It's such a beautiful area and every fall there's the lovely craft show.

This was taken on the New Hope side looking towards Lambertville.

My little one just had to have one of these necklaces. 

This view is from the bridge looking south toward Washington Crossing State Park area. You know, that place where all of this happened [taken from the Dept. of Parks and Forestry]:

On December 25, 1776, the icy waters of the Delaware River provided the setting for one of the pivotal events of the American Revolution. The Continental Army had little to celebrate that Christmas and seemed beat by hunger and cold. After crossing the rough winter river at night, General George Washington and the Continental Army landed at Johnson’s Ferry, at the site now known as Washington Crossing State Park. At 4 am, they began their march to Trenton where they defeated the Hessian troops in an unexpected attack. This battle was quickly followed by the Second Battle of Trenton on January 2, 1777, and the Battle of Princeton on January 3, 1777. 

There's a vintage clothing and fabric shop in Lambertville that 's always fun to visit.

See you tomorrow!! It's my day!
xo, L