Saturday, October 02, 2010

Fall-O-Ween 6: Decoration

Today is going to be a visual feast. Very few words. My son has been sick all night and I think that I may be coming down with a little something. I can't!! I have a blog hop to finish and my "The Art of Journaling and Scrapbooking" class for my son's school enrichment program is starting on Monday. Guess who's the teacher? Me!

Before I start though, you must check out all of the other designers' blogs. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful stuff being published in blogland. Remember to comment too to be qualified for the large grand prize worth over $500 in the end.

Don't forget to post any finished projects of yours from the blog hop here on Flickr.

Also, Mark Lipinski has my visit to his radio show, Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski, up on iTunes ready for a free download. It is the second podcast. 

I am so lucky to live in a town of funky little shops. One of my very favorites is Heartstrings. She's located right on main street and she's been her for 30+ years. Truly inspiring. If you are local or are visiting the Clinton area, drop by her shop. You won't regret the experience. Otherwise, I think that she may have a website going up at some point in the future. Don't quote me on it though. She puts a lot of thought and care into her place. Just take a look at the front window above and below.

I want this tree. I love it. 

See you tomorrow! xo, L