Monday, October 25, 2010


We in the quilting industry are gearing up for Quilt Market this week. I'm so excited to see what's new and to see my friends. Thanks to you who purchased my on-line class. I hope to see some finished quilts soon!

Meanwhile, to occupy your time, I wanted to tell you about a couple of cool things. My friend, Alex, from Aurifil Threads has developed this free awesome app just for quilters. It should be available sometime this week.

It is a store locator that uses GPS that gets you to the nearest quilt shop, you can get the phone number, e-mail and even comment or rate the shop! There's information on designers and videos too. It will be in the Apple App shop soon!

For those of you staying home and looking for something to do with your kids, why not enter this fun contest? The folks at White Cloud contacted me to tell me about this super fun contest. Now I know why my little one collected all of these toilet paper rolls! Actually, we were collecting them for a re-purposing class that I might teach. Check it out! There's a $1000 prize for the winner!

While getting my things ready for Quilt Market this week, I ran across the color card for a fabric line that I had designed last year but the fabric company had decided not to produce at this time. It happens but I wanted to share this one because I loved it so much and I thought that it was worth sharing.  It was called Bella Flora. This was the free pattern on the cover. Bye, bye, Bella.

The colors sort of remind me of the many oranges and reds that I am seeing as we driving along the road.
I'm loving the shades of green at this time of year too.

I've been trying to get the kids off of their Nintendo machines and to do a bit more hands-on stuff. We had our best bud over Friday night and we decided to make monsters. It entertained them for a long time!

These were my little monster puppets. There has to be some mysterious she-monster around!

See you soon! xo, L