Sunday, October 03, 2010

Fall-O-Ween 7: Gatherings

Wow, we are moving along in our Fall-O-Ween Blog Hop aren't we? Are you having fun? My son and I are nursing a little cold but we hope to recover soon. Today, it's Terri's turn. Hop on over to see what she has in store for you! Remember to comment on each designers's blogs to be eligible for the grand prize. Truly, inspiring posts by each of the ladies, don't you think? Check them out here:

Also, remember to post your finished projects here:

We have fun at our school at Halloween. The biggest thing we do is to have the entire school get together and to walk into town in a parade in all of our Halloween finery. That includes the superintendent, principal, teachers and students. What fun! Our friends are cute as cheerleaders, aren't they? Go Steelers! Go Penn State!

The costumes are so fine. [Well, mine decided that he didn't want to put on a costume that year. I coaxed him into putting on the Mater costume over his coat but I digress. We do have fun.]

Then it's back to school for some more fun.

My favorite game includes putting these yummy things into a bowl of cold spaghetti and making the poor wee ones dig in and try to find them all. Ewwww! I printed these cards out and let each child check off each item that they find. It can get messy!

In addition to the Halloween party, there's always a birthday party to plan.

After those two parties, we move on to the Thanksgiving party.

There's never a dull moment. xo, L