Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fall-O-Ween Day 10: Quilts

I love the blog hop but I never thought I'd say how I wished yesterday would end. It was the weirdest day but being the optimist that I am, I forged on full speed. First, note that there was an error in the pattern. The pattern said to cut 2" squares instead of the correct  2 1/2" squares for the borders. I have scaled down the pattern for those of you who have cut 2" squares already. [I know that some of you are fast!] The quilt will be smaller but still cute! I'm so sorry.

Here is the correct original pattern.
Here is the correct pattern for those of you who cut the squares 2".

What happened yesterday? We all know that I had computer problems from the documents right down to the publishing of the post. I had to re-type the pattern [hence the error]. I didn't have internet all afternoon and I didn't get it re-set until my hubby came home. I ended up downloading all of your lovely comments from my Ipod Touch.

Now, I should clearly state that I am neither medicated nor delusion before I tell you this story. I was trying to call my friend Colleen who's local here. I looked her up on my cell phone and her contact list came up. I dialed her on my regular land line using her 7 digit number. Ring! Ring! Pause. Ring! Ring!

"Hello? Is Colleen there? "
"Is this Linda?" [some strange male voice on the other end]
"Is Colleen there?" [while wondering who the guy on the other end is and how did he know my name?]
"Is this Linda, Linda Lum DeBono?"
"Yes." [Now, it's weird. The guy's voice is sounding quite familiar now.]

Sh****t!!! [and every expletive that could come to my mind]

"Edward! What are you doing on the line?"

Apparently, I called my uncle Edward in Toronto, Canada. What's so weird? I don't know his number by heart so I'd have to look it up, Colleen's contact page was still there on my screen and he wasn't trying to call me. TOTALLY WEIRD. Right?

He told me that weird things were happening with his phone line but how weird for it to happen on my "haunts" day. He said that one night he looked at his call display and it registered that the call was from his wife's cell phone. Only problem? His wife was sitting in the basement watching TVand the phone was turned off in her purse.

I'm not crazy. Really. Now back to reality.

Thank you so much for following our blog hop! As with last year's holiday hop, I enjoyed writing, designing the project and reading your comments. Remember to leave a message on every blog to qualify for a grand prize!! Check them out here!

GudrunSandyRoseannKariTerryHeatherTerriCarrie, and Pat 

This blog hop would not have been successful with these passionate and creative women. Thanks especially to Gudrun for being our fearless leader. What a fun lady she is! Sandy's got great style both in her quilts and in person. Roseann, what can I say? She's got talent and is full of ideas. Kari, very nice and lovely designs. Terry, I am offically addicted to zippers. Heather, we are having the blog hop at your place next time. Terri, love the soft colors and pretty designs. Miss Carrie, so funny and so nice. We met at the American Patchwork and Quilting Designer Retreat years ago and I am glad to say that we did. Pat, I admire your energy!!

Also, remember to post your projects here. We'd love to see what you've done!

Today is the last day of the blog hop. Hop over to Pat Sloan's blog. I know that she's something cool for you. Thank you so much for reading and coming back every day for the past ten days. It has been fun and inspiring.  I look forward to seeing your finished projects in the Flickr group. Please sign up for the CraftEdu community and visit my classroom! You can find me under "Linda Lum DeBono" as an Instrucor.

I will draw the winners in the next day or so. I need to sit down and re-group for a minute. Hang on, there will be lots of winners.

Today it's about quilts.  When I started designing, I used a lot of really bright colors even for fall. I love designing with bright colors. Believe was my second design ever and it still hangs in my home. It was all hand-appliqued and gloriously quilted by Teresa Fusco in Pennsylvania. Gorgeous quilting.  For those of you who asked, you can order them from these two vendors.

Last week while talking with my good friend, Mark, on his radio program, Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski, he mentioned a quilt design of mine that he fell in love with. I published it for a short run and am considering bringing the pattern back either as a pattern or as a class. This is Byzantium and it is still my absolute favorite design. I had only done a fusible web version and I want to make a version using hand applique. Anyone perhaps interested in a quilt-a-long? I have think about it.

I have designed many fall or Halloween quilts. I love using lime green, purple, yellow, orange and black and white fabrics. You can find Boo! and Fall in my book, Row By Row Seasonal Quilts that I designed for Leisure Arts.

It's not all bright and fun. I love the color combinations in the quilt at the top of this post. This quilt appeared in my book, Cool Girls Quilt [Martingale].

My friend, Toby, owns the local shop, Kindred Quilts. I love going in to visit and to be inspired by all of the little treats that she has all around her shop. I was there about a week ago and one of the ladies who works at the shop had her awesome stitchery sample. Are you ready? I think that the design is by Crabapple Hill. Check this out!

I adore this sample on the wall. The purple and oranges are so bright and the pumpkins are oh so cute!

For some reason, I can't find a couple other photographs. Go and check out Toby's website. She's got these and other kits for sale.

Come back soon!  I hope to see you in the CraftEdu community. Thanks for being part of our blog hop.
xo, L